We all have an history

  • 1947

Caves Avelar has its origin in the year 1947, with the creation of the company Ricardo, Ferreira. As a result of the vision of Founder Ricardo Godinho, who wanted to add in a single company a set of activities ranging from the marketing of olive oils, wine, groceries, fish, timber, construction materials and civil construction.

The Need for Specialization led to years later separating businesses into more specialized areas and between founding partners. The commercial activity of wines, groceries, woods and construction materials remains in the company Ricardo, Ferreira. Santos, Marques & CL.

  • 1972

As a result of expansion and high demand in the area of ​​wine sales and bottling, in 1972 construction began on new, modern and prepared facilities for the Civilar - Cinco Vilas e Arega brand.

  • 1992

The brand Civilar - Cinco Vilas e Arega, over time, is confused with the Social Denomination Ricardo, Ferreira. Santos, Marques & CL, and, in response to the need to make the separation between these two brands and others created in the meantime, Caves Avelar appears.

  • 2011

In 2011 a new reorganization of Caves Avelar was carried out, and further investments were made in its modernization. These investments mainly focused on the adaptation of facilities and the purchase of modern equipment in order to meet both the growing demand for their products and the requirements of a very competitive market.

  • 2019

Today Caves Avelar is equipped with modern and functional facilities with modern equipment and a team of trained and motivated professionals, where tradition and modernity combine to respond to the challenges and requirements of a very competitive market where we want to be, work daily and in a way determined to take our customers every day the best products at the best prices.